Star Gazing is an activity of looking up at the star and objects in space as a hobby or as pert of scientific study, or as part of astrology.

Whether you are looking for your first telescope, trying to learn the constellations, or want to learn to use star charts, you have came to the right place. The best way to start exploring the night sky is with the unaided eye. Our Star Wheels are easy to use and in no time you’ll learn the constellations and names of the stars. And that’s only the beginning!

When you live in a big city, you tend to forget that there is a whole universe of galaxies out there beyond the glow of the city lights. Getting far away from the city and out into nature is a real treat at night, when you can again look up into a star-studded sky and marvel at the countless planets and stars out there.

East Africa offers up some fantastic places to go stargazing, far away from any light pollution. Next time you go on an African Safari, choose one of these places to get your star fix after you have had your wildlife fix during the day! Here are the best night skies for stargazing.

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Once you step away from the campfire at your bush camp in the Ngorongoro Crater, you’ll be treated to an amazing show put on by the heavens above East Africa. Tanzania’s position just below the equator affords a superb view of the Milky Way – just remember to download the Star Walk app onto your phone so you can work out the names of all the constellations you se

In Serengeti National Park – Tanzania

Dark Skies and unblemished plains of Serengeti National Park allow the naked eye to see circumpolar constellations that are unique to the Southern Hemisphere. These constellations circle the south celestial pole without ever dipping below the horizon – as their northern counterparts do in their realm. That’s why they never disappear from view. Other constellations are seasonal and are only visible at certain times of the year.


The South Pole points to the galactic centre of the Milky Way, meaning that star gazers will see more bright stars and constellations than in the Northern Hemisphere. These include the Southern Cross and Alpha Centauri: the third brightest star in the night sky and the star system closest to us.


In Masai Mara – Kenya

Located near the equator allows you to potentially see all 88 constellations, from Ursa Minor in the north to the Southern Cross in the south. Its dark skies and surrounding plains provide excellent viewing conditions.

We equip you with the Star-Gazing Apps

All of our camps have Wi-Fi, which means that star-gazing just got that much easier with the help of a number of applications available. We will equip you with enough applications to enable you gaze before you join us on Safari.