East African and Zimbabwe Safaris With African Expedia

Africa Expedia TeamOr maybe you do not know what is out there and need expert advice to design the perfect safari. Either way, you will not find anyone who will dedicate more attention to finding out what suits you best than us.

African Expedia offers the ultimate in East African Safaris – each safari is individually designed with you to the finest detail, and expertly led by an exclusive team of like-minded Planners and Guides.

What makes these safaris outstanding is a combination of the most extraordinary destinations on the continent; the experience and passion that we bring to the task; and superior outfitting by the most respected names in African Safaris. After three decades at the top end of the safari world, we are in a perfect position to create the finest most exclusive safaris available in Africa.

You may want to stay in lodges or you may want your own Exclusive Luxury Tented Camp erected close to the wildebeest migration on the Serengeti plains. The awe-inspiring humility of standing on the lip of the Victoria Falls; the timeless elegance of the Victoria Falls Hotel; the staggering wildlife of Kenya.

Perhaps you’d like to spend some time with the chimpanzees on wild Lake Tanganyika or you might wish to sail in a refurbished schooner to the magical islands of Zanzibar where you will disappear into the ancient Swahili coastal cultures staying in the most stylish traditional homes and beach hotels.