Come on an East African Adventure with us! Safari in East Africa is without a doubt a trip of a lifetime! As such, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when faced with the decision of where to go. This adventure is the perfect experience for those who want to see the best that East Africa has to offer! You’ll see the famous landscapes of the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti as well as the lesser known rhino sanctuary of Lake Nakuru and the fascinating Ngorongoro Crater. After these two weeks, you will have truely seen the beauty of East Africa.

WEAR Comfortable safari clothing and sunscreen.
Guide All Meals
Park & Conservancy entrance fees Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Personal expenses
International and Visa entry charges to Tanzania



Lake Naivasha

Your Kenyan safari will start with a game drive in Lake Naivasha Park. Lake Naivasha is a vast drinking hole that attracts a variety of wildlife. Buffalos, zebras, impalas, waterbucks, elands, and other grazers spend their days alongside the lake, while hippos cool themselves in the waters. Here you will also find over 450 avian species, including the beautiful flamingo. After spending the day driving by the lake, you will retire to your hotel for dinner.


Night time safari: As the sun disappears, more unique creates reveal themselves from the undergrowth. Long-tailed mongooses, eagle owls, bat-eared foxes, nightjars and many more characters come out to play as dusk settles on Lake Naivasha.

Day 2

Maasai Mara

Of course, no safari in Kenya is complete without exploring the famous Maasai Mara! After breakfast, you will collect your belongings and head to this awe-inspiring park. During the Great Migration, the vast landscapes are flecked with countless wildebeest, gazelle, and zebra; but this park is wonderful all year round, giving you a chance to spot the Big 5!

Day 3

Masai Mara

Such a spectacular park can’t be explored in just one afternoon. Today you will have a morning game drive through the wilds of the Masai Mara to see if you can spot someone new. Lunch will be had here before heading off to Lake Nakuru where you will settle in for the night.

Day 4

Lake Nakuru

The glistening Lake Nakuru beckons to you today. This beautiful lake lies on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Nakuru means “Dusty Place” in the Maasai language; a stark contrast to the bushy grasslands surrounding the lake and the valley ridges. The highlight here is definitely the elusive white rhino which is kept safe in the sanctuary of this National Park. As evening falls you won’t venture far from the park. Be sure to rest up; you have a long journey ahead of you tomorrow!

Day 6


Today is a road-trip day! After breakfast, you will bid farewell to Kenya and make your way to Tanzania! The drive to the border is scenic and the process of crossing the border relatively quick. From the Namanga border, you will continue on to Arusha, a city in the shadow of Mount Meru, where you will spend the night.

Day 7

Manyara National Park

After an early breakfast, it’s back in the safari car and onto a new vista! Manyara is just a few hours drive from Arusha, and it is a beautiful introduction to Tanzanian safari! With its beautiful waters, diverse wildlife calls Manyara home. Make sure you keep your eyes on the treetops here, this park is famous for its tree climbing lions!

Day 8

Serengeti National Park

You’ll rise bright and early today for the dusty road trip to the Serengeti. This is arguably one of East Africas finest national parks, so today is an exciting day! The drive to the Serengeti is picturesque and you may even spot some giraffes and zebra before you even reach the gates of the park. Here you will overnight before the big adventure tomorrow!

Day 9

Serengeti National Park

You will rise with the birds today for a morning game drive. The Serengeti is famous for its cats, so keep your eyes peeled for a lion or ten. This park offers you the quintessential African Safari experience, with dusty planes and majestic wildlife. You’ll love every second of it. Before dusk settles you will head back to your accommodation for dinner and rest.

Day 10

Ngorongoro Crater

The name of your next destination is as unique as the park itself. After breakfast, you will head to the Ngorongoro crater. This national park is absolutely breathtaking! As soon as you reach the edge of the crater, you will see why this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will see a habitat unlike any other. The crater walls off a haven for creatures who fear the predators of the Serengeti and Manyara. You’ll find ancient elephant and playful zebra scattered amongst beautiful flora and fauna. The blues and greens of the crater are a welcome break from the rugged gold and dust of the other parks. You’ll overnight along the outer edge of the crater, feeling as though you’re among the clouds.

Day 11

Ngorongoro Crater

This morning you will awake early for a morning game drive. Today is your final game drive day, so we better make the most of it! After breakfast, you will head down to the crater floor for a beautiful game drive. You’ll have lunch near the home of a family of hippos and spend the afternoon with hearts of zebra. After a day full of site seeing, you will watch the sun set over the crater before your final night on safari.

Day 12

Mto wa Mbu Villiage

Today is the last day of your East African Safari adventure. We know that by now you will have endless stories to tell of lions and elephants, so today is the perfect day to experience local Tanzanian culture. The village of Mto wa Mbu has become a melting pot of cultures. With all of Tanzania’s 120 tribes converging here along with many tourists who pass by on their way between the crater and Arusha. Here you will go on a cultural tour of the village and have lunch in a local spot, before heading back to the busy city of Arusha.