Trot across the plains amongst zebras, gallop among lanky giraffes and explore Tanzania up close and personal. Take a ride off the beaten track on a horse safari. Available to beginners, intermediate and experienced riders, this is a wonderful opportunity to explore Africa in all its glory.

On this ride you will get to explore virtually untouched parts of the national parks, view animals up close and feel at one with nature.

The horses are extremely well trained, most are ridden in western style. Each horse will have a sale bag with essentials for the trip.

There are a number of different routes available depending on riding skills.

You will be in excellent hands on safari as all guides are very qualified, professionally trained and have a wide knowledge base of flora and fauna.

Prepare to spend between five and seven hours a day in the saddle with a nice long lunch break in between.


Picture riding over open savannah, across acacia woodland, forests and thick vegetation. At times you will come across riverbeds that must be crossed and lake shores that need to be explored.  The focus will be on both big animals as well as smaller animals.


What level am I?

For beginners the rider must be able to walk and trot with the horse under control. Intermediate riders must be able to post the trot for a longer distance, be comfortable at all paces and able to gallop out of trouble. Experienced riders must be confident and comfortable at all paces over any terrain, ability to gallop for a longer distance and if needed out of trouble.

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Available Horse Safaris

Serengeti Migration Ride

See the migration up close on this nine day safari. This option is only available for intermediate level riders. Enjoy being in the thick of the migration and experience seeing the miracle of birth as wildebeest give birth to their young. Feel the thundering hooves all around you and the listen to the braying of wildebeest.

Kilimanjaro Elephant ride

This eight day safari available for fit intermediate riders only.

The Safari takes place within Arusha National Park. This Safari option provides good chances of seeing elephants, buffaloes, all your plains game, leopards and rare species such as Suni, Red Duiker, the magnificent Hartlaub’s turaco and so much more. You will ride through forested areas and canopies. You will have the opportunity to track down and see magnificent elephants up close. These beautiful, wise, and intelligent creatures will leave you spellbound.

Natron Flamingo Ride

This 8 day safari available for fit intermediate riders only.

This safari takes you along the shores of lake Natron where you will be met with the sight of thousands of pink flamingoes. You will also get to explore the areas around an active volcano – Oldonyo Lengai and enjoy a cool dip in some springs. Lunch will be served in the bush. Zebras, wildebeest and other wildlife can also be spotted on this trip.

Arusha National Park

This Safari caters for intermediate riders only.

Explore the magical Arusha national park on this four day safari. With good chances of seeing elephants, buffaloes, all your plains game, leopards and rare species such as Suni, Red Duiker, the magnificent Hartlaub’s turaco and more. Highlights of the trip include riding through canopy forests, sundowners at the lakes,  dinner under the stars, vibrant flamingoes and the chance to learn about the legendary Margarete Trappe.

Wildlife Day Ride

This trip caters for all riding abilities.

Expect to spend about two hours in the saddle. The ride takes place on Dolly Estate which is only 40 minutes drive from Arusha Town. Along with Elands, Zebras, various kind of antelopes and gazelles you might spot one of the most elegant and rarest mammals found in Tanzania, the Gerenuk.

You have the option of turning the ride into a half day excursion by combining your ride with a lunch or dinner at the polo or golf club, or enjoy a nice cold sundowner with beautiful views of Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro.  Both clubs are within ten minutes drive from the stables.

Horse Polo

Spend a day relaxing, playing polo or trying your hand at golf. Activities offered include Stick and Ball

Club Chukkas

Polo Lessons


Golf lessons

Cultural trip

Cultural Trip

Balloon safari

Balloon Safari

Horse Safaris

Horse Safaris

Night Game Drives

Night Game Drive